Man Glitter?!?

I know…..I saw man glitter and thought “what have they come up with now?”

We have lots of man glitter around our house.  Well more accurately in the shop…..and laundry room…. sometimes in the kitchen…….and the front entry way….OK it’s all around the house ….. sometimes.  It’s just a fact of life when one is wedded to a craftsman.

As Father’s Day approaches I find myself thinking more about my own Dad and what he was like.  How the world that shaped him was so different in many ways than the one we live in today.  Of course, it is almost 100 years ago that my Dad was born (1919).

One of the things I remember most about my Dad are his hands.  Very strong hands.  Talented hands.  Brave hands.  Gentle hands.  Hands that worked hard every day.  Hands that fought in WWII.  Hands that could fix most anything.  Hands that could weld. Hands that could gently hold newborn life and make you feel safe and protected.  Hands that would clap for joy when Dad got really tickled by a story he was listening to or telling. Hands that just wanted to be held so he would know that he was loved at the end of his life.

As my husband gets older (I’m not getting older you know….just my husband.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) I notice that his hands remind me more and more of my Dad’s hands.  These hands share many of the same qualities even though their lives couldn’t be more different – strong, talented, hardworking and gentle.    I never noticed that until the last few years – hummm.    I am so richly blessed!!!

Thank you for indulging me and letting me share my thoughts with you.  May you all have wonderful memories, or create some great memories, of that special man in your life this Father’s Day.

And now… the vacuum. Man glitter awaits!!!!!


First herb harvest of the season



The aromas of sage and oregano were wafting through the patio door this morning.  These bundles were harvested this last weekend and mother nature’s dehydrator (warm temps, a little breeze and low humidity) has been drying them out.

The herbs are doing so well this year that I’ve  decided to package them up and include them in our kitchen gift crates that will be available in the fall.  I also grow thyme, tarregon, sweet and cinnamon basils and rosemary.

I am a cooking enthusiast and love creating my own recipes and herb/spice blends.  I’ll be sharing some of those with you as time goes on.