Rusty Old Saw Blades & Metal Tubs

Testing, testing.....1 2 3 ....test painting on repurposed 5 inch saw blade.


Hi and welcome to the Studio (watch out for paint drops!!),

I was taking a few snaps of projects and thought that you all might like to take a look too.  57 Artifacts has been busy with the summer market season so I haven’t had  much time to keep in touch.   Wow, the summer is really going by quickly! 

My husband was rummaging about the shop for something last week and happened across a drawer with old,rusty, used circular saw blades which I immediately volunteered to take off of his hands.  What a find – from my point of view at least – I have had a soft spot in my heart for old painted saw blades ever since a visit to the Great Smokey mountains years ago.  So I’m  trying my hand at saw blade painting and will likely have some product in our fall inventory.  I already have some offers from folks to “adopt” some of their used saw blades if all goes well.

I was cleaning up the studio recently and rediscovered a metal tub that I had acquired sometime ago.  Yesterday I was inspired by the thought of fall and sunflowers and this is what I came up with…


Yes, the tub is upside-down, I had just painted the bottom with the  57 Artifacts icon……see I had a good reason 🙂   The tub will be finished in time for the market on Saturday and is a perfect size for a “party tub” filled with cold drinks, a planter, a garden tool tote, a place to store things…… many possibilities.

Blessings to you & enjoy your day,