Violets, Hummingbirds & Spaceships!

A progress update on the custom hummingbird mailbox that I shared with you in a shop update  – Shop the latest photo from 57Artifacts on Etsy   Hummingbirds get finished up today and then come the ladybugs and butterflies.

For me, there’s a lot more to creating one of these mailboxes than just painting posies that the customer and I like.  In an effort to make each mailbox more meaningful to each customer I research common flowers that grow in the location that the mailbox will be sent to, as well what types of hummingbirds (or other species) that are present in the state or region.  For instance, this mailbox will end up in Rhode Island.  The state flower is the violet, yarrow and columbines are common flowers found in the state.  There are two types of hummingbirds the Rufous and Ruby-throated.  I’ve incorporated my versions of these flowers and hummingbirds in the garden scene on this mailbox.   I do the same type of research for all my themed mailboxes.

The next mailbox that I’ll share with you is going to be quite a different theme —– SPACE, the final frontier!   I love a good challenge and I believe that the space mailbox will provide one.  I do wonder though….what types of flowers might one find in space?  I’m sure there has to be at least one or two.  A “shooting star” perhaps…..humm..!!!!  I’ll keep you all posted.

Now, back to ladybugs and butterflies!!!!

Blessings to you,


First herb harvest of the season



The aromas of sage and oregano were wafting through the patio door this morning.  These bundles were harvested this last weekend and mother nature’s dehydrator (warm temps, a little breeze and low humidity) has been drying them out.

The herbs are doing so well this year that I’ve  decided to package them up and include them in our kitchen gift crates that will be available in the fall.  I also grow thyme, tarregon, sweet and cinnamon basils and rosemary.

I am a cooking enthusiast and love creating my own recipes and herb/spice blends.  I’ll be sharing some of those with you as time goes on.