Man Glitter?!?

I know…..I saw man glitter and thought “what have they come up with now?”

We have lots of man glitter around our house.  Well more accurately in the shop…..and laundry room…. sometimes in the kitchen…….and the front entry way….OK it’s all around the house ….. sometimes.  It’s just a fact of life when one is wedded to a craftsman.

As Father’s Day approaches I find myself thinking more about my own Dad and what he was like.  How the world that shaped him was so different in many ways than the one we live in today.  Of course, it is almost 100 years ago that my Dad was born (1919).

One of the things I remember most about my Dad are his hands.  Very strong hands.  Talented hands.  Brave hands.  Gentle hands.  Hands that worked hard every day.  Hands that fought in WWII.  Hands that could fix most anything.  Hands that could weld. Hands that could gently hold newborn life and make you feel safe and protected.  Hands that would clap for joy when Dad got really tickled by a story he was listening to or telling. Hands that just wanted to be held so he would know that he was loved at the end of his life.

As my husband gets older (I’m not getting older you know….just my husband.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) I notice that his hands remind me more and more of my Dad’s hands.  These hands share many of the same qualities even though their lives couldn’t be more different – strong, talented, hardworking and gentle.    I never noticed that until the last few years – hummm.    I am so richly blessed!!!

Thank you for indulging me and letting me share my thoughts with you.  May you all have wonderful memories, or create some great memories, of that special man in your life this Father’s Day.

And now… the vacuum. Man glitter awaits!!!!!


Murmuring and Lathe Sounds

Our youngest son working hard during tear down at an event.  He's a very important part of the 57 Artifacts Team.

Our youngest son working hard during tear down at an event. He’s a very important part of the 57 Artifacts Team.

This morning I’m in 57 Artifacts’ “work room” (our name for the office) and from the shop I’m hearing one of the most heart warming sounds that a mother can hear – the murmuring of my husband, our youngest son and the lathe!  At 14.5 years old our youngest son is entering the deep end of teenage-hood as he begins high school in a few weeks.  Even though we’ve had 5 older children go through this journey before it’s a new adventure with each one.  All too soon our youngest will be out on his own, this is one of those moments to cherish.  (Happy Mom sigh!!!!)
Speaking of lathe sounds, Cliff has been in turning mode for the last two weeks.   He’s turned handles for ice cream paddles, coffee scoops, vegetable peelers,  bottle stoppers, pens and is working on candlestick designs.  I’ll be getting a sampling of these items posted to our Etsy site within the next day or two.
Ceramic vegetable peeler with hand turned acrylic handle.

Ceramic vegetable peeler with hand turned acrylic handle.

Amazing designs and details can be accomplished with a lathe and Cliff enjoys experimenting!  We also incorporate features that people suggest or that we like to increase the utility of the piece or the visual appeal.  The vegetable peeler above is a good example  – see how the handle is “wavy”?  This design feels good in your hand and is easy to hold on to securely while the peeler is being used.  This design appears in a few different items and it’s one of our favorites.  In fact it is modeled after the handle of our favorite ice cream paddle of the last 15 + years that recently broke from years of use.  Cliff very carefully measured, calculated and sketched out the ergonomic details of our former ice cream paddle and has recreated many of its fine features (one of which is good leverage to scoop up ice cream that is frozen very hard!) in handles that he has recently turned.   The ice cream lover in your family is sure to appreciate this design!
Of course a prototype was prepared and is being tested by our family, especially the teenage boy!  Thus far the performance of the prototype is very good!!!  Early test results indicate that the prototype ice cream paddle seems to prefer Moose Tracks ice cream.  We’ll keep you posted on any further discoveries.
Blessings to you,


Happy Summer Solstice!!!!!!

32579060_de03bbdcc4 I’ve put together a few photos from last week’s event adventure at Parktacular 2015.  Partacular Photos  Take a look and let us know what you think.  We’re working on finding or building display pieces for use at events and tradeshows like this.  It takes a while to get our “look” down – let us know what suggestions you might have.  We’ld like to hear from you!

In the meantime, who has the beach ball??