Treasuries – what’s that about?

I’ve recently embraced the supportive marketing action of “treasury” creation.  I never really took the time to completely look into or understand this valuable little tool.  If you are like me, my first reaction was something along the lines of “What is a treasury and why should I be interested?”

See some of the Treasuries that 57 Artifacts curates below.  adorable-babies

The Treasury is, as far as I know, an Etsy thing.  It’s a way to make a themed grouping of products, usually from a variety of shops, to share via social media, email, blogs.  Think of it as a small little art collection – in fact the organizer of a Treasury is called the Curator.  (BTW all the Treasuries are shoppable too!!!  Wooo Hoo!)snoopy dancing


57 Artifacts has been honored to be included in a number of Treasuries to date and it it always a great feeling to have another artisan think your work is worthy of highlighting in this way.  I must admit that it is quite enjoyable to showcase other artist’s work in Treasury groupings and the convo’s (Etsy speak for a conversation via email) are great that come in from some of the shops featured in a Treasury.  Click the link to see all of 57 Artifacts’ Treasuries –


TREASURIES on Etsy….. all those little art galleries just waiting to be discovered by YOU.

Blessings to you,