thinkingcapwhoaYou know that feeling. Light bulbs go on. “Ah..HAH!” is uttered out loud and typically in an outside voice when you are inside.(Awkward!!!) Moments like this happen in the shower, on the bus, in the little single digit hours of the morning, while walking the dog or when you take a brief day-dream vacay during that meeting.

The creative process is an interesting one. A unique adventure each time you embark on the journey. We’ll share some
of our adventures, discoveries and the creative process with you here.

WOW….it’s almost Christmas time! Where has the time gone? Here at 57 Artifacts we’ve been working the Christmas gift show and markets and have totally lost track of time. We haven’t even decorated the house yet. We’ve been very busy in our workshops making all sorts of things. Some of those are custom orders like I’m working on below.


Highlighting, tractors and the farm name still need to be done. Working with customers on projects like this is such a joy. It makes it all the more special that it is at Christmas time!

Blessings to you,


Time, time, time
See what’s become of me
While I looked around
For my possibilities…

From “A Hazy Shade of Winter” –  Simon & Garfunkel Have a listen!

10.20.2015 – Imagineering is NOT an exact science!  Some may respond….well, duh!  However, even the well educated and experienced professional has to start at square one when you step into the role of Owner/Creator/Artisan/Business Manager/Branding-Marketing Exec./Janitor/Procurement Specialist/ ……………..  and the list goes on to infinity.  Or at least it seems to be endless.   For instance, all these little cards and envelopes –

Christmas-card-collage autumncards_collage

I’ve recently completed 200 individual greeting card/envelop paintings in 4 days, plus some other business-y activities as well….and I am totally thrilled at that!  One of the on-going areas of discovery, usually via trial and error, associated with being self-employed is the realistic estimation of how much time is needed to produce an art piece, perfect a recipe, harvest and package herbs from the garden and other tasks that are not normally “timed”.   But, the fact is now that equates to your livelihood and that changes everything.    Even after many, many years as a professional project manager, I’m a newbie learning time management all over again when it comes to working in our creative business full time.

So, hats off to the multitude of micro-producers out there who boldly go where they have never gone before!!!  May  the  clocks be kind and the holiday sales be many!!!!

Blessings to all!


9.10.2015 – Cliff has been tinkering with a project that evolved from some silliness in the shop one day.  Well, R.T. is starting to take shape.  We had him out for a test run a couple of weeks ago and found a few little issues that have to be addressed …… after all that is why we do test runs 🙂


CAUTION: Imagineering in Progress!!! This is a portion of “R.T.”, which stands for Recycling Technician.

IMAG0584When finished R.T. will be a fountain on a pedestal that is painted to resemble large skyscrapers of trash.  He will have a small little plant that he is carefully caring for. WALL-E is one of our family’s favorite movies and is the inspiration for R.T.  We decided that we needed a mascot to take to markets and shows and …..well, this is where we ended up.  R.T. is a functioning fountain and his solar eyes light up at night!!!  Kool!!  I’ll give you updates on his progress and he’ll be a standard part of our booth set-up come Spring 2016.

8.29.2015 – The lathe has been humming away in the shop as
turned products are being prepared for the upcoming gift
giving season and Christmas markets and shows. Working with acrylics is an interesting pursuit. Much like drilling and carving pottery can have shattering results, so can turning acrylics. A seemingly innocent looking acrylic blank like this. . . .


Stardust Sampler Pack from ExoticBlanks

can be quite finicky. Did you know that each different color of acrylic has different turning qualities. Some colors turn like butter, while other tend to throw chips and shatter easily.

Acrylics are messy as well. After turning acrylic pieces it looks like a can of silly string has exploded all over the lathe. See the photo below –
IMAG0582 IMAG0580 IMAG0581

The final result makes it worth all the finicky little quirks of acrylic blanks. Check out
the turnings at our Etsy shop 57 Artifacts. We are expanding this product line to include:

  • ice cream scoops and paddles
  • coffee scoops
  • garlic presses
  • vegetable peelers
  • bottle stoppers
  • seam rippers
  • key chains
  • bookmarks
  • perfume applicators (to dab on fragrance)
  • perfume sprayers  – small enough to fit in a handbag

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