Fountains, fountains….everywhere!

Garden Flowers Fountain  20150717_11500720150717_114930 20150717_114939


We seem to be spouting fountains at our shop!!! We’ve been busy creating fountain styles and so far we have 5 different styles and are working on #6.  Developing fountains from red clay pottery has proved to be quite an adventure and challenge.  As with all of our creations we strive to provide the highest quality product possible and work through as many “what if” scenarios as possible to avoid problems.  The pottery that we use is a very dense, long fired red clay that is made in Germany.  The pottery is beautiful, durable and produces an exceptional finished product.  The density of the clay creates a greater challenge for the drilling and cutouts needed for the fountains.  FYI – clay pot will explode if an air pocket is hit while drilling.  That really gets the old adrenaline going believe me!!

The Garden Flowers fountain, above on the left, is one of the larger fountains that we offer (so far).  It’s on a pedestal and stands about 38 inches tall overall and is powered by an electric pump.  Currently, we offer the choice of electric or solar pumps in our smaller fountain models.  The larger models, like Garden Flowers and Fiesta (see the photos to the right of Garden Flowers) require a pump that moves a larger volume of water and we offer electric pumps in these units.  The addition of stones, marbles or glass beads/mosaic pieces to the fountain trays changes the sound of the fountain dramatically and adds color and texture to the overall appearance.  

Testing the fountains is always an adventure and is a recommended activity on a hot afternoon – that water is cold, refreshing but COLD!  Take a look at the video of Garden Flowers – use this link 57 Artifacts Facebook page .  Let us know what you think.  I’ll be adding more photos to this project so that you can see all the different designs that we come up with.

Kate & Cliff


Rusty Saw Blades and Metal Wash Tubs

Testing, testing.....1 2 3 ....test painting on repurposed 5 inch saw blade.


Hi and welcome to the Studio (watch out for paint drops!!),

I was taking a few snaps of projects and thought that you all might like to take a look too.  57 Artifacts has been busy with the summer market season so I haven’t had  much time to keep in touch.   Wow, the summer is really going by quickly! 

My husband was rummaging about the shop for something last week and happened across a drawer with old,rusty, used circular saw blades which I immediately volunteered to take off of his hands.  What a find – from my point of view at least – I have had a soft spot in my heart for old painted saw blades ever since a visit to the Great Smokey mountains years ago.  So I’m  trying my hand at saw blade painting and will likely have some product in our fall inventory.  I already have some offers from folks to “adopt” some of their used saw blades if all goes well.

I was cleaning up the studio recently and rediscovered a metal tub that I had acquired sometime ago.  Yesterday I was inspired by the thought of fall and sunflowers and this is what I came up with…


Yes, the tub is upside-down, I had just painted the bottom with the  57 Artifacts icon……see I had a good reason 🙂   The tub will be finished in time for the market on Saturday and is a perfect size for a “party tub” filled with cold drinks, a planter, a garden tool tote, a place to store things…… many possibilities.

Blessings to you,


Parktacular Photos – 06.14.2015

We did take a few minutes to snap some photos of our booth and wares while at Parktacular and we wanted to share them with all of you.  We were able to display about 60% of the products that we had taken with us and were busy all afternoon and evening.  So many delightful people stopped in to chat and see what we had to offer.  Most importantly the feedback that we received was very positive and encouraging.  


2015 Parktacular – I had us all tee shirts with our logo on the back and 57 creates on the front. The day was humid and hot…..and humid…..but we looked good!


Thousands of people attended all ages and sizes. Most everyone was drawn in by the solar powered fountain and had to put their fingers in the water.



SIESTA – solar powered tabletop fountain – folks really like this! The sound of the water was a great addition to the booth.


Original design plant stands and the “Meridian” chair.












We’ve introduced lighthouses and garden luminaries too. The solar lights make them gorgeous at night!


One on the bird baths and my eclectic light house are shown here with our youngest son’s buttons. He made hundreds of buttons and is selling them to fund his trip to camp and other things this summer.


Our youngest son is an extremely important member of our business team. Here he is helping with tear-down at the end of a long day. He worked very hard, had a great attitude and we had a wonderful time together.

We’ll be heading out to some more events soon and I’ll keep everyone updated.  This coming Friday and Saturday we’re have a “Christmas in late June” Garage Sale!!!!  Should be a good time and we are very glad that we have our canopy because the weather forecast is for HOT temps!!  Maybe the high temps will inspire folks to pick-up ice cream paddles and water fountains when they visit us – we’ll have to wait and see.