Amazing Gift for Mum!!!

(Mum’s Day is May 8th…hint, hint)

The hand turned perfume pen (perfume applicator) is a perfect gift for the woman on the go who likes to take her fragrance with her. The Neon Night Perfume Applicator has been turned in a classic, timeless design, yet the applicator fits comfortably into your hand.

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57 Artifacts is the home of Handcrafted Functional Art!!!  

P.S.  There’s still time to do a custom order for Mum.  Just use “Contact Shop Owner” in our shop .  We look forward to working with you!



Hummingbird Garden Box


IMAG0550 (1)Hummingbirds are among my favorites in the aviary world, so it’s not surprising that I like to paint them too.

IMAG0549This particular piece is one that adorns my front yard as a garden box. What is a “garden box”? you ask. A garden box is a repurposed mailbox  that has been adorned with a decorative painting and is used in the yard or garden as a storage place for gardening “stuff” and tools.  For instance, my garden box has a great pair of green polka dot gardening gloves (not too sturdy but for a $1 bin special they look smashing!!), a little trowel, replacement heads for the sprinkler, the nozzle for the hose, and a mixture of empty, partially full and unopened seed packets, and in ziplock bags a bit of fertilizer and my go-to insect control granules.

IMAG0547 (1)

Hummingbird garden box – left side.

 On occasion I have find dog treats, a kong (dog toy) from the backyard, sunscreen, my youngest son’s cell phone, one of my husband’s  hand tools, or a note from a next door neighbor.   As you can see there is a risk that “your” garden box may become the community garden/catch-all box from time to time – you just have to acknowledge this risk, keep calm and garden on!

IMAG0548 (1)

On the door there are lady bugs waiting to greet you.


Can’t forget a little something on the back – yellow butterflies are my pick here.

 The neighborhood that we live in is old enough that mail is delivered to individual mailboxes like this one and ours looks in need of a paint job!  Woo…Hoo…!!



At any rate, garden boxes or decoratively painted mailboxes are offered in our Etsy shop, 57 Artifacts , as a custom order item.  When painting a box to be used for mail delivery reflective house numbers are used and a nice little greeting to the postal delivery person is included on the inside of the box.  

I hope you like my Garden Box.  GARDEN ON!!!!!

Blessings to you, 


Rusty Old Saw Blades & Metal Tubs

Testing, testing.....1 2 3 ....test painting on repurposed 5 inch saw blade.


Hi and welcome to the Studio (watch out for paint drops!!),

I was taking a few snaps of projects and thought that you all might like to take a look too.  57 Artifacts has been busy with the summer market season so I haven’t had  much time to keep in touch.   Wow, the summer is really going by quickly! 

My husband was rummaging about the shop for something last week and happened across a drawer with old,rusty, used circular saw blades which I immediately volunteered to take off of his hands.  What a find – from my point of view at least – I have had a soft spot in my heart for old painted saw blades ever since a visit to the Great Smokey mountains years ago.  So I’m  trying my hand at saw blade painting and will likely have some product in our fall inventory.  I already have some offers from folks to “adopt” some of their used saw blades if all goes well.

I was cleaning up the studio recently and rediscovered a metal tub that I had acquired sometime ago.  Yesterday I was inspired by the thought of fall and sunflowers and this is what I came up with…


Yes, the tub is upside-down, I had just painted the bottom with the  57 Artifacts icon……see I had a good reason 🙂   The tub will be finished in time for the market on Saturday and is a perfect size for a “party tub” filled with cold drinks, a planter, a garden tool tote, a place to store things…… many possibilities.

Blessings to you & enjoy your day,


Murmuring and Lathe Sounds

Our youngest son working hard during tear down at an event.  He's a very important part of the 57 Artifacts Team.

Our youngest son working hard during tear down at an event. He’s a very important part of the 57 Artifacts Team.

This morning I’m in 57 Artifacts’ “work room” (our name for the office) and from the shop I’m hearing one of the most heart warming sounds that a mother can hear – the murmuring of my husband, our youngest son and the lathe!  At 14.5 years old our youngest son is entering the deep end of teenage-hood as he begins high school in a few weeks.  Even though we’ve had 5 older children go through this journey before it’s a new adventure with each one.  All too soon our youngest will be out on his own, this is one of those moments to cherish.  (Happy Mom sigh!!!!)
Speaking of lathe sounds, Cliff has been in turning mode for the last two weeks.   He’s turned handles for ice cream paddles, coffee scoops, vegetable peelers,  bottle stoppers, pens and is working on candlestick designs.  I’ll be getting a sampling of these items posted to our Etsy site within the next day or two.
Ceramic vegetable peeler with hand turned acrylic handle.

Ceramic vegetable peeler with hand turned acrylic handle.

Amazing designs and details can be accomplished with a lathe and Cliff enjoys experimenting!  We also incorporate features that people suggest or that we like to increase the utility of the piece or the visual appeal.  The vegetable peeler above is a good example  – see how the handle is “wavy”?  This design feels good in your hand and is easy to hold on to securely while the peeler is being used.  This design appears in a few different items and it’s one of our favorites.  In fact it is modeled after the handle of our favorite ice cream paddle of the last 15 + years that recently broke from years of use.  Cliff very carefully measured, calculated and sketched out the ergonomic details of our former ice cream paddle and has recreated many of its fine features (one of which is good leverage to scoop up ice cream that is frozen very hard!) in handles that he has recently turned.   The ice cream lover in your family is sure to appreciate this design!
Of course a prototype was prepared and is being tested by our family, especially the teenage boy!  Thus far the performance of the prototype is very good!!!  Early test results indicate that the prototype ice cream paddle seems to prefer Moose Tracks ice cream.  We’ll keep you posted on any further discoveries.
Blessings to you,


Parktacular – What a GREAT time!!

The s635699121992649347-6_14-parktacular-1ky was sapphire blue with a few high clouds, the breeze was gentle from the NW and Settler’s Park was bursting with kids, dogs, people with ice cream and funnel cakes, great Christian music being performed live and about 80 vendors participating in the Parktacular Tradeshow.   Attendance far exceeded what the organizer KTSY 89.9 Christian radio station had expected so it was a busy place the whole afternoon and evening.

57 Artifacts was there too!  It was the maiden voyage of our table top fountains.  The one solar powered fountain, Siesta that we took with us did a great job and trickled its little heart out.  We’re anxious for our next order of solar pumps to come in they are slightly stronger and will give us more design options.  It has been quite an experiment in sizing the pumps, determining optimum drain hole sizes/locations and overall design configuration for these fountains.  It took a fair amount of trial and error and a number of instances of getting soaked or sprayed in the face to achieve success!!!!!    Qaplá! (Klingon for “success” for you non-Trekkies ) 57 Artifacts’ lighthouses and garden luminaries also made their debut and were well received.

Needless to say we were all tired and declared that Monday would be a family holiday!  Now we are regrouping for new adventures – a 57 Artifacts Garage Sale at the end of the month, some farmer’s market dates and other festivals leading up to the 20150613_190321Holiday Bazaar season (as in market or shopping) and two large Christmas shows in late November and early December.