No, No Thank You or Yes, but it will cost you….

You’ve just sat down to (choose any or all that apply)

  • A wonderful dinner
  • Watch the sunset with your favorite people
  • Benge watch  Inspector Lewis, Home Fires, and Downtown Abby with no interruptions
  • Catch you breath and rest your feet for just 10 minutes
  • Snuggle time with your Honey

AND THEN, there’s a knock at the front door or the door bell sounds.  You know what you do next….Are we expecting anyone?  Is it the prize notification team from PCH?  OR is it someone that will try to sell me something?  We all have our own method of dealing with the unknown solicitor at the door, but wouldn’t it be great if we could just have some way to screen these folks before they ring that bell. Perhaps one of these notices would help….take a look.

Signs like these and many more can be found on Etsy.  Enjoy!!


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