Clay Play


Who knew that Clay Play could be so beautiful?  By now you’ve probably heard of, if not tried some DIY, with Polymer Clay.  I’ve just begun playing around with this clay and it is certainly not the play dough or kids clay of our childhoods.  Below is one of my Treasuries from Etsy – Clay Play Treasury – that shows some very creative uses for polymer clay as well as some of the tools and techniques.


I’ve found many great tutorials for someone like me who is just beginning to work with polymers.   I want to share one of my favorites with you, the Sculpting with Polymer Clay tutorial on



The tutorial talks about what tools you need, where to get supplies and walks you through some of the techniques used to create really fun, fanciful sculptures.






The tutorial walks you through the steps to make this cute kitten atop a hamburger sculpture.





What fun!!!  I’m working on getting a presentable pendent to use as an essential oil diffuser necklace….it’s still in the early trial and error stages.  However, I will share  it with you once it is recognizable as a necklace!!

Blessings to you,




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