Need a GREAT make-ahead breakfast??

Here we are the first Monday of summer vacation where we live, WOOOO HOOOO!! Kids are homeimages.schoolsummerpng, the schedule has changed from frantic school rush to (hopefully) a bit slower summer pace.  Bedtimes don’t have to be quite so strict and dinners can be more relaxed while you BBQ in a beautiful summer evening.  Sigh!!!!!  Sounds almost idyllic doesn’t it?  (Yes, I DO have my rose colored glasses on today.)

This is all possible U N L E S S you have a teenager, or …..teenagers (ACK!!) in your home.   You know those adorable not-so-little-anymore tykes that now eat constantly.  Always heading out to the grocery store – we know all too well what that is like 🙂  Our youngest is 15+, has football practice all summer and has not been full for more than 15 minutes in…..I don’t know how long.  Like all good parents we want to make certain that he starts his day with a good breakfast before he heads out to practice.  One solution a make-ahead breakfast!  


I was not fast enough with the camera to capture the entire “Quiche” intact!  Here’s what I found…


One make-ahead breakfast that can be customized to include your family’s favorites is quiche.  Well, a simple meal inspired by quiche at any rate.   I whipped up a sausage and cheese “quiche” last night for our resident football player to eat this morning before he left for practice.  I’m guessing that is was acceptable since over half the deep dish pie plate was empty!

I’ve jotted down the recipe for the sausage quiche to share with you.  All you need are some common pantry items, eggs, milk to make the basic “quiche”.  Then you can add cheese and your choice of vegis, meats (leftovers can work well for this) and a sprinkle of herbs or curry powder for that “little something extra”.

You can see in the photo below the custardy quality of filling with sausage scattered throughout.  Quite tasty if I do say so myself.  😋 Make-ahead and enjoy sausage quiche!!!!!



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