What IS an online craft show????

ANSWER:  You can snuggle up in your pajamas with your computer, tablet or smartphone, a favorite cup of tea and shop till you drop (or doze…..whichever may happen first) all in the comfort of your own home.
The first #CRAFTfest event has concluded on this side of the pond. Be on the lookout for another event in September 2016 and a Christmas event as well.
     In the meantime, if you aren’t familiar with online craft shows/events you may be interested in learning more. A couple of sites that I would recommend are www.craftsfaironline.com and www.ezcraftshow.com These two sites will give you an idea of what online craft shows/events are and how they are run.
     #CRAFTfest has been conducting online events since 2010. They are a group from the UK who are expanding their activities to both America and soon to Australia. Another Best of Britain event will take place in June 2016. #CRAFTfest is a community marketing event and they provide tutorials and instruction on how to use social media for marketing activities. Learn more by visiting their website at www.craftfest-events.com.



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