Meet our Mascot!! Arti #57

20160413_100608_001O.K. it may be a bit out there on the whimsical side ……but  bear with me through my story.  Cliff & I were chatting in the shop a few months ago about how important it is to have positive support in your life and adventures.  You know, sort of like having your own cheering section or cheerleader.  Well, this lead us to the topic of mascots and we decided that we needed a mascot for our shop.  Something that makes you smile, is rather ingenious, very creative and unique, like us!!  Well, that’s our hope 😉  Anyway, we were inspired by one of our family’s favorite movie characters.  The result is Arti #57!!!!

Arti is a completely functional solar fountain by day and luminary by night.  He has a faithful sidekick.  Likes a good musical from time to time.  You can think of him as a cape-less caped crusader!!!  Our hero and mascot.  Most importantly – – – he makes us smile!  We hope he makes you smile too!

Check him out!!!  We have a video in our online shop Meet Arti #57

Blessings to you,




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