Just after mid-night…

.is one of my favorite times at Thanksgiving.  The h1d7d3d4138faa70b3fa47b786f1793f0ouse is quiet with the occasional sound of slumbering family drifting down the stairway (aka snoring sounds) or the sound of spaniel dreams from the family room where Sara (our springer spaniel) sleeps.   I’ve just finished making the dressings for the feast that will take place this afternoon.   I tend to get quite sentimental while making dressing for the turkey.  My Dad always made the dressing for the turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We had oyster dressing.  One of the many little tell tale signs or traditions that had remained from the southern upbringing of my grandparents.  

The preparation of the dressing was quite an undertaking.  Lots of chopping went on for what seemed like hours, especially when you are just a little girl.  This memory is very strong for me since I got to help mix the dressing – with my hands!!! – and of course that could not occur until all the chopping had been completed.  Then came the best part, opening the cans of oysters.  Somewhere between 6-8 cans of oysters were usually opened and each one had to be taste tested by Dad and I.  Alright, truth be known only about 6 cans of oysters made it into the dressing.  Dad and I ate the rest.   What a treat!   As I grew up the roles that Dad and I took in dressing making sort of flip flopped.  By the time I was in junior high I made the dressing and Dad served as taste tester and gave final approval on the mixture.  This family tradition is one of my fondest memories with my Dad.  

Today we are a two dressing family.  Yes, I still make a tasty oyster dressing.  I have added the cornbread dressing with mushrooms and almonds to the list as it is my version of my husband’s favorite.    I also make cinnamon rolls after everyone has gone to bed so that we can have them fresh with melted butter on Thanksgiving morning.  

Well, speaking of Thanksgiving morning….I had best turn in so that I’m ready for it!   Thanks for letting me share a dear memory with you.   We pray that your day is joyous and blessed.  


Kate, Cliff & Tim 



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