Turkey is Thawing, Outside it’s Freezing….


57 Artifacts/Simply Juliebug’s backyard on Thanksgiving Eve!

It’s been raining, snaining (rain/snow mix) and about an hour ago we started getting solid snow.  It’s wet, heavy snow.  Great for snow forts, snow people and snow balls (I know because I tried it out!).

We’ve been making the final batches of products for our next Christmas show – a three day affair the first weekend of December – and putting together gift sets.

I have Hot Cocoa Mug gift sets in progress.


Retro dots, let it snow, fish’n tradition, awesome brew and my hot cocoa mugs ready for processing.

Snowing outside and hot cocoa inside…how fortuitous!!!!  🙂  Of course we had to conduct quality control checks on the hot cocoa mix (a secret recipe that our youngest son and I have been working on since he was about 5).  I’m pleased to report that the testers (our youngest son & I) have given the stamp of approval for the batch and packaging is underway.  I was even inspired to include chocolate dipped spoons in the set.

We’ll post a picture of the set when we get them finished.

Here’s hoping that all have a blessed Thanksgiving!



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