Japanese Maples Going FLAME Red


I’ve been painting greeting cards this afternoon and needed a break, so I’m  curled up in my favorite chair on the back patio enjoying an iced tea, the beautiful cobalt blue sky and one of our neighbor’s maple trees.  It’s getting cold enough at night now, and the days have shortened, for the fall color to get underway.  We are fortunate enough to have a hand full of maples around our home that turn flame red in the fall.  I’ve  always loved the warm, rich colors of fall and just happen to have most of those paint colors out this afternoon while I work on Thanksgiving/fall note cards to list on our Etsy site and take to our first two gift markets coming up in early November.  

The art of cooresponding via handwritten card is so strongly over shadowed by the convenience and “real time” options we have today  that it truly is on the endangered skills list; much like cursive writing!!  I have become much more aware of the quiet passing of this skill during the last year or so since my mother passed away.  She was of the age and upbringing the she tirelessly keep up a special calendar with all the important dates on it….you know the kind that had all the birthdays of our family, family friends, friends’ childrens’ children, anniversaries and yes, as time passed, notes to send a card at one of those special times to a friend who had lost their spouse so they would know that they were not alone.  My sister and I have both felt the loss of not getting those carefully chosen, lovingly written cards.  We have agreed to do our best to keep up the card tradition now that Mom is gone.  Yes, we send handwritten cards (at least part of the time) and  use email and ecards too.  In turn, I am making an extra effort to send hand written cards to all of our kids and grandkids on those special occasions too.

I was pleasantly surprized over the summer to sell out of the handpainted cards I had done for the farmers market season.   I had the pleasure of meeting many others who were either trying to carry on the art of handwritten cards or supplying someone who does.  I am continuing the effort  to SAVE THE HANDWRITTEN CARD TRADITION by painting 300 cards (and corresponding  envelopes 🙂 ).   100 will be seasonal (fall and Christmas), while the other 200 will be for use any time.   So if I’m  going to meet my deadline I had best get back to the brushes!!  50 sets down, only 250 sets to go!!

Most importantly, I would like to thank my sister for all she does to keep on touch.  It means so very much to me.  THANK YOU!

Blessings to you all,



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