Seasons of Shimmer, Twinkle and Sparkle

xmas twinkle lightsI's only October 1st, what's with the twinkle lights?!?  Well, I must admit that I love twinkle lights ALL year long!   They are bright, shiny and exude a cheerful aura.  At the very least they bring a smile to my face.

I think Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail said it perfectly when she said:

“Meanwhile, I’m putting up more twinkle lights.”
- - - - Capturing "shimmer" on film - - - - 
A recent challenge of ours has been trying to capture "pearlescent" qualities of some of our turned products with a camera.  A picture may be worth a thousand words most of the time, however, in some instances you just need to hold an object in your hands and see it with your own eyes to be able to see the depth of its beauty.  (Oh my...sniff....that was lovely!  Well said.) 

Yesterday I added hand turned classic razor handles and perfume atomizers to 57 Artifacts' Etsy shop. Many of these item are made from turned acrylics. The photos below are close-ups of some of the pieces in an attempt to showcase that pearlescent shimmer. You'll see in the photos that the shimmer can be swirled throughout the acrylic, some are in flecks or what appear to be layers, others are stripes. Each effect adds its own unique beauty to the finished product. Take a closer look at the finished products in our Etsy shop - 57 Artifacts' Etsy Shop   I was able to capture some of the shimmer, the rest will just have to be seen in person.
IMAG0734 IMAG0745 IMAG0751 IMAG0757
Let me know what you think of these turned acrylic pieces - we would enjoy getting your feedback.  

Well,  I have a batch of handmade shaving cream to make that will be offered on our second Etsy shop "Simply Juliebug" -  Simply Juliebug - Etsy Shop   We launched this shop just over a week ago so we are still in the process of stocking the shelves.   We've started a  blog for Simply Juliebug as well and would love to have you come on over for a visit.  

I'll post again soon.  In the meantime......where are those twinkle lights?  

Blessings to you, 

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