Seam rippers….perfume applicators……Etsy shops….OH MY!!

Things are pretty busy in the 57 Artifacts’ shop.  The lathe has been running steadily and Cliff has been creating more wonderful turned items.  He’s been working with acrylics lately.  Acrylics are fun to turn since you never really know what will be revealed on the inside of the blank as layers of acrylic are turned away.  We’ve been very pleasantly surprised by  this group of blanks for the seam rippers and perfume applicators.  Check out the newly listed items in 57 Artifacts’ Etsy shop.  

We are getting ready to branch out and open another online shop, also on Etsy, that will focus on handcrafted fabric creations; natural bath and body products (with essential oils) and homegrown herbs/handmade seasoning mixes.   We are getting very close to opening day!!! WOO HOO!! 🙂 

Blessings to all, 


Which one is your favorite?


A colorful bouquet of seam rippers.


The seam rippers have reversible blades that store inside the handle when not in use.


Perfume applicators are sleek, easily fit in a purse, are refillable and use a European style wick applicator to dab on perfume.


Here is a look at the wick applicator. The top screws on to cover wick when not in use.


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