Hummingbird Garden Box


IMAG0550 (1)Hummingbirds are among my favorites in the aviary world, so it’s not surprising that I like to paint them too.

IMAG0549This particular piece is one that adorns my front yard as a garden box. What is a “garden box”? you ask. A garden box is a repurposed mailbox  that has been adorned with a decorative painting and is used in the yard or garden as a storage place for gardening “stuff” and tools.  For instance, my garden box has a great pair of green polka dot gardening gloves (not too sturdy but for a $1 bin special they look smashing!!), a little trowel, replacement heads for the sprinkler, the nozzle for the hose, and a mixture of empty, partially full and unopened seed packets, and in ziplock bags a bit of fertilizer and my go-to insect control granules.

IMAG0547 (1)

Hummingbird garden box – left side.

 On occasion I have find dog treats, a kong (dog toy) from the backyard, sunscreen, my youngest son’s cell phone, one of my husband’s  hand tools, or a note from a next door neighbor.   As you can see there is a risk that “your” garden box may become the community garden/catch-all box from time to time – you just have to acknowledge this risk, keep calm and garden on!

IMAG0548 (1)

On the door there are lady bugs waiting to greet you.


Can’t forget a little something on the back – yellow butterflies are my pick here.

 The neighborhood that we live in is old enough that mail is delivered to individual mailboxes like this one and ours looks in need of a paint job!  Woo…Hoo…!!



At any rate, garden boxes or decoratively painted mailboxes are offered in our Etsy shop, 57 Artifacts , as a custom order item.  When painting a box to be used for mail delivery reflective house numbers are used and a nice little greeting to the postal delivery person is included on the inside of the box.  

I hope you like my Garden Box.  GARDEN ON!!!!!

Blessings to you, 



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