Red, White & Blue!!!


Button Tree Pot….button art, who knew!?!?!?!

School’s out for summer!!!  Temps are climbing.  The dog is shedding.  We all smell like sunscreen and BBQ season is in full swing!  

I’ve been remiss in my duties of keeping blog posts coming, please accept my apologies.  We’ve been in over-drive the last few weeks finishing the shop reorganization and preparing product for a tradeshow that we have in 6 days!  At times like this I think of Dory from Finding Nemo.  “Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.”

I’ve just finished adding a number of new items to our Etsy shop and invite you to click on over and take a look.  Here’s a little preview: 57 Artifacts Etsy Shop

I must scoot for now and will be reporting the outcome and experiences from our tradeshow within the next week.

In the meantime – Just keep swimming!


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