Beginning Week #4 on Etsy – starting to get some variety

It’s been an interesting morning here at the home of 57 Artifacts.  Promptly at 7:30 AM today a crew of six +/- very wide awake guys arrived and began the process of ripping off the shingles on our roof – which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “on the roof there arose such a clatter”!!!!  Today is new roof day – WOOO HOOOO!!!!  Rain and high winds are forecast for tomorrow so we get to test it out right away.

Anyway, back to the story, my studio is upstairs and the clatter was a bit too intense for much relaxing painting to go on so I’m in the work room (our office located on the lowest level of our tri-level home) where the clatter is a bit more distant.  I’m pleased to say that we’ve added some more items to our Etsy store and are beginning to see some variety appear.

Click on the Etsy link and take a look.  What do you think?  Is anyone out there…… Hellooooo?


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